Lobster and Squid

Lobsters are sea creatures and have a longer body and muscular tails, and mainly live in the burrows of the sea floor. The front pairs have much longer claws comparing to the others and the hinder. Lobsters are one of the most favorite food items in the food menu and often expensive. People have to open up the shell in order to taste the meat present inside it. The eater should break the shells in order to taste the delicious flesh. Lobsters have got a wonderful taste in its flesh, even in its legs. And it is one of the delicious and expensive foods in any menu. Squids, on the other hand, have some similar tastes. Squids' interior parts are eaten by humans widely, mainly in the Asian countries like Japan and Hong Kong. Squids are more similar to octopuses; squids do have tentacles and other parts of the body that is similar to octopuses. In many parts of the world, squids' tentacles are fried and eaten as a snack. And the method of cooking makes it more delicious food. Squid tentacles are very famous in the food world and can be eaten in many forms, like fried, soup, and many other ways.